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List:NP Period 4
Start:Mar 14, 2006
End:Mar 14, 2007
Races to Count:7
View RaceCU Invitational<Feb 2, 2007Steamboat Springs, CO<FIS Race5Distance618:03.182.43
View RaceUNR Invitational<Feb 23, 2007Soda Springs, CA<FIS Race5Distance716:05.281.66
View RaceUNR Invitational<Feb 24, 2007Soda Springs, CA<FIS Race15Distance933:54.181.33
View RaceUNM Race<Feb 10, 2007Red River, NM<FIS Race5Distance816:00.981.28
View RaceMSU Invitational<Jan 19, 2007Bohart Ranch, MT<FIS Race5Distance1315:19.480.65
View RaceFolksam Sprint Cup, Junior Cup, Intersport Cup<Apr 8, 2006Bruksvallarna<FIS Race20Distance521:19:42.179.57
View RaceUtah Invitational<Jan 14, 2007Soldier Hollow, UT<FIS Race10Distance2237:09.278.75
View RaceNCAA Championships<Mar 9, 2007Jackson, NH<FIS Race15Distance1951:51.178.36
View RaceUNM Race<Feb 9, 2007Red River, NM<FIS Race5Distance1319:39.078.33
View RaceNCAA Championships<Mar 7, 2007Jackson, NH<FIS Race5Distance2615:19.078.31
View RaceJanuary 4, 2007 Individual Start<Jan 2, 2007Rossland BC<Nor-Am Cup5FreeDistance170:15:27.0078.23
View RaceHaywood NorAm Mass Start<Jan 7, 2007Rossland, BC<Nor-Am Cup10ClassicDistance160:34:44.5077.61
View RaceCU Invitational<Feb 3, 2007Steamboat Springs, CO<FIS Race10Distance1739:47.877.3
View RaceUtah Invitational<Jan 13, 2007Soldier Hollow, UT<FIS Race5Distance2317:53.175.48
View RaceMSU Invitational<Jan 20, 2007Bohart Ranch, MT<FIS Race15Distance2559:48.475.09