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List:Period 3
Start:Feb 4, 2009
End:Feb 4, 2010
Races to Count:7
View RaceSuper Tour OpenerNov 28, 2009West Yellowstone, MTUS Ski Tour10Distance229:28.395.32
View RaceFIS World CupFeb 14, 2009ValdidentroWorld Cup15Distance5640:00.194.95
View RaceU.S. Cross Country National ChampionshipsMar 24, 2009Fairbanks, AKNational Championships10Distance429:13.994.75
View RaceU.S. Cross Country National ChampionshipsMar 27, 2009Fairbanks, AKNational Championships15Distance81:29:20.494.46
View RaceSuper Tour BozemanDec 6, 2009Bozeman, MTUS Ski Tour15Distance342:28.994.2
View RaceU.S. Cross Country ChampionshipsJan 4, 2010Anchorage, AKNational Championships15Distance839:04.093.35
View RaceU.S. Cross Country National ChampionshipsMar 29, 2009Fairbanks, AKNational Championships50Distance92:36:34.893.15
View RaceTelemark Super TourJan 30, 2010Telemark, WIUS Ski Tour10Distance429:03.793.03
View RaceMethow Super TourJan 17, 2010Winthrop, WAUS Ski Tour15Distance434:32.292.79
View RaceMinneapolis Super TourJan 24, 2010Minneapolis, MNUS Ski Tour10Distance423:10.492.42
View RaceFIS World CupMar 8, 2009LahtiWorld Cup15Distance7235:56.492.27
View RaceMinneapolis Super TourJan 23, 2010Minneapolis, MNUS Ski Tour15Distance737:26.592.05
View RaceTelemark Super TourJan 31, 2010Telemark, WIUS Ski Tour15Distance339:06.391.82
View RaceSuper Tour OpenerNov 27, 2009West Yellowstone, MTUS Ski Tour15Distance1433:02.191.06
View RaceFIS Nordic World Ski ChampionshipFeb 20, 2009LiberecWorld Ski Championships15Distance5242:49.790.97