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List:Period 4 Women's Distance
Start:Mar 10, 2007
End:Mar 10, 2008
Races to Count:7
View RaceANSI Swiss Cup<Mar 2, 2008Salwideli ob Soerenberg<FIS Race5Distance124:06.493.79
View RaceWorld Junior & U23 Trials Interval Start Classic<Jan 6, 2008Highlands Nordic, Duntroon, ON<Regional Race10ClassicDistance40:34:54.6092.87
View RaceCCC Skiing Championships 2007 Short dist, Category<Mar 20, 2007Québec<Canadian Championship5FreeDistance10:14:11.5092.59
View RaceCCC Skiing Championships 2007 Medium dist Combined<Mar 21, 2007Québec<Canadian Championship10ClassicDistance10:31:24.0091.16
View RaceHaywood NorAm Interval Start Free<Dec 1, 2007SOVEREIGN LAKE, B.C.<Nor-Am Cup10FreeDistance10:31:16.7091
View RaceClassic Mass Start (Official Revised)<Feb 3, 2008Cantley, Quebec<Regional Race15ClassicDistance10:45:19.5090.99
View Race25 Gsieser Tal Lauf - Continental Cup<Feb 17, 2008Gsieser Tal Val Casies<Organisation of Alps Nations30Distance1501:07:24.290.88
View RaceOPA Cup Kurikkala<Feb 23, 2008Bayrischer Wald<Organisation of Alps Nations5Distance50:14:40.590.86
View Race10km<Jan 25, 2008Canmore, AB<World Cup10FreeDistance370:29:48.5090.68
View RaceCCC Skiing Championships 2007 Long distance<Mar 25, 2007Québec<Canadian Championship30FreeDistance11:23:23.4490.27
View RaceANSI Swiss Cup<Mar 1, 2008Salwideli ob Soerenberg<FIS Race10Distance333:45.890.13
View RacePursuit<Jan 22, 2008Canmore, AB<World Cup15PursuitDistance350:47:22.4090
View RaceSpring Series / Long Distance Nationals<Mar 30, 2007Presque Isle, ME<US Ski Tour15Distance341:33.489.57
View RaceWorld Junior & U23 Trials<Jan 3, 2008Highlands Nordic, Duntroon, ON<Nor-Am Cup10PursuitDistance60:36:23.5089.06
View RaceHaywood NorAm - Canmore 2007<Dec 6, 2007Canmore Nordic Centre<Nor-Am Cup10PursuitDistance30:32:18.1088.79
View RaceHaywood NorAm & Alberta Cup 2<Dec 9, 2007Canmore Nordic Centre<Nor-Am Cup5ClassicDistance40:15:36.2088.11